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    how to use creature with spider climb on a map ?

    Hello i try to use my horde of creature with spider climb on a map but my players block te hallway ( like the 300 spartans ) and i cannot put the number of token that i can on the map without it became impossible on a visual to use properly. I'm french spoken so sorry if my english is poor

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    With these types of issues I always ask myself, "How would I handle this at the table?" And for this, the answer is I would place the climbing tokens/figures n the edge of the map or just off the board and tell everyone they are on the wall of the roof'. And this is the same thing I do with FG.

    Wit FG, you can also add an effect on the creature indicating it is spider climbing, and if needed, how high up the wall it is.

    Does that help?

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    You should check out the Token Height Extension by GKEnialb. You can find it here:

    It allows you to place a height label on a token (positive and negative height values) by holding alt and moving the scroll wheel on a token. It will also take whatever height you specify for them into consideration when calculating the distance between the elevated token and another token targeting them at a different elevation.

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