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    Desktop dice acing


    I am wondering if there is a way to roll a given die or dice on the desktop and force them not to be aceable. For instance, in the Pathfinder 2e ruleset you can hold down <either the shift or cntrl> key (I forget the specific key in this instance) to force damage to roll as a critical hit. Is there already such a feature in the SW ruleset?


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    There's an option under the "Per User" section named "Dice: Desktop dice can Ace" that you can toggle off.
    You can also roll on the desktop itself (not in the chat window) and those dice won't Ace, no matter the Aceable setting. That won't display in chat, however.
    There's no key combination that temporarily toggles off Aceable. Or temporarily toggles it on if Aceable is turned off.

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    Ah, thanks. I knew about the toggle, but the functionality is of limited use, as it takes too much time when you just need a check made. The desktop idea is workable, though, unless rolling a lot of dice that you need the individual results of (which I do seem to need often enough when prepping stuff, interestingly). Just have to keep a handful of dice at hand and roll them myself (which does seem to defeat the utility of a VTT, sadly :-(


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    You could drop the Aceable option to your hot bar. Then just click it or press the function key to turn it on and off. Put it in a slot right under the dice row for convenience.

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    Ok, now that is awesome! I would have bet money I had tried to drag stuff from options to the hotbar before, but I guess I'd be paying!


    PS It seems to take 2 hotbar keys, on/off, one press does not seem to change the state. Still super-useful!
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