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    could not load ruleset root file base.xml ?

    I was wondering if anybody could help me tracking down an issue I'm having.
    I have modified a couple rulesets for my own personal use. I made the basic d20 rulesset with double-clickable skills and other things using tutorials I found on these forums. The rulesets work perfectly for me, never had a single issue with em. But whenever I try to give my players copies of the rulesets so that they can make characters while offline, the get the following error.
    could not load ruleset root file base.xml
    I have given several people the exact same copy of the ruleset I use to host a game with and I verified that they put them in the correct place, but whenever they try to use those rulesets to create a character with the get the above errors every time.
    Funny thing is, that they are all able to connect to my server running those rulesets just fine, they just can't use them to create characters unless they do it from a server that I am currently hosting.
    I was thinking it may have had something to do with some recent updates to FGII, but since this should not have affected my rulesets I'm at a loss.
    Anybody have any ideas about whats causing this?

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    The short answer is you would have to make a seperate ruleset so players can use a custom ruleset locally. However, because of some problems it actually is not possible to do this for lite versions at this time.

    There are some posts about this problem scattered about the forums and this is why DA is not offering versions for the lite licence for their SW ruleset right now. This does appear to be something Smiteworks is working on.
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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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