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    Huge 58/59 Book Humble Bundle for charity - Old School Essentials and White Box D&D


    Check this out, this Bundle supports: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

    I will post some info on it for those than want an overview in followup post. Have to step away for a bit or would now.

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    Among the things in the new Humble Bundle are a bunch of OSE rulebooks - all you need to start, from

    Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome
    Old-School Essentials Referee's Screen Inserts
    Old-School Essentials Rogues Gallery
    Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome
    Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome
    Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Reference Booklet

    Then a bunch of adventures for OSE from the publisher:
    The Hole in the Oak
    The Incandescent Grottoes
    Winter's Daughter
    Holy Mountain Shaker
    The Isle of the Plangent Mage
    Halls of the Blood King

    And some third party BX modules and series
    Grave of the Green Flame
    Ruins of the Red Moon
    Beyond the Black Wall
    Temple of Mercy
    Reaping at River's End
    Whispers of the Serpent God
    The Weird That Befell Drigbolton
    Path of the Vanished

    The following two are some cool System-Neutral campaign source books, from FROG GOD GAMES (
    The World of the Lost Lands
    Grand Duchy of Reme

    Frog God Games Swords & Wizardry Adventures (OSR / 0E D&D based)
    MCMLXXV --> Great intro to Swords & Wizardry and OSR in general
    Stoneheart Valley --> Fun 3 part connected adventure with some twists
    Sword of Air --> A huge sprawling (and crawling) adventure - read the blurb and fear getting caught between the forces described in this module. A beautiful work of art and layout as well.
    Sea Kings Malice
    Sea King's Malice: Map Pack
    Sea King's Malice: Token Pack
    Let's Get Kraken
    Rocky Cape
    Dead Man's Chest
    Black Spot
    Terror at Wulf's Head
    Lighthouse of Anan-Marath
    Eye of Itral
    Cat's Cradle
    Cat's Cradle and Eye of Itral Player Maps
    Fortune Hunters
    Temple of Dagon

    The MegaDungeon of Graves itself in it's ridiculous page count glory:
    Rappan Athuk
    Rappan Athuk: Players Guide
    Rappan Athuk: Expansions Volume 1
    Rappan Athuk: Addendum 2018
    Rappan Athuk: Level 5D
    Rappan Athuk: Adventures in Zelkor's Ferry

    A BX Mega dungeon!

    Finally, for some treats, a bunch of 'Zines to check out for OSE and OSR:
    Carcass Crawler: Issue 1
    Carcass Crawler: Issue 2
    The Phylactery
    The Phylactery 2
    Catpocalypse Meow

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    Definitely worth the look. Some of these things can be used in FGU if you have the time to enter the data.

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    Holy carp that's a lot of content.
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    I think they are trying to (in addition to the charity angle - they do Humble Bundles for various vet, children and other orgs) get more visibility associating them with OSE since they will be supporting that it seems going forward, best I can tell.

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