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    Using the Updater

    Hi. Have had success using FG1 as a player earlier this year. The host and I just added a third player. Third player and host have been successful loading and messing around a bit with FG 2.

    Sadly, I haven't been. I download the FG2 installer. All seems good until a window named "Updater" comes up. The progress bar makes it about 1/3 way thru, then seems to freeze.

    Looking thru some of the posts, I downloaded the most recent Direct X (10) from Microsoft.

    Any ideas? Many thanks in advance!

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    If you still have FGv1 installed, save your files off somewhere and blow the install away, registry entries and all. Then get rid of anything the FGv2 may have put on your machine and start from scratch. I've seen more than a few problems with installing over FGv1, so I would really try that before blaming it on anything else (such as your Windows install or hardware).

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm having similar problems. I've just bought FGII (Full), and am attempting to install for the first time. The installer completes, and the updater starts. It gets to "checking package d20 for updates", and gets stuck on some files in the ..fonts/ directory (modcollectorlabel.fgf and diemod.fgf, most notably). If I cancel the update and start it again it has occasionally pushed through one or two files, but eventually gets stuck.

    I've tried it on two machines (Vista 32/2GB RAM/NVIDIA 7900GT; WinXP Home 32/2GB RAM laptop with integrated video card) thinking it was a specific problem with one computer, but it happens on both machines.

    I've tried uninstalling, deleting registry entries and deleting directories in program files and application data, downloading a fresh installer.

    Any other suggestions?

    [note: this message has been sent to support as well].

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