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    Automatic Crit and Fumble Tables

    This extension automates use of Pathfinder's various crit and fumble tables based on attack type (for fumbles) and damage type (for crits).

    Extension Homepage, README, and Codebase
    FantasyGrounds Forge
    Ext Files and Changelog
    License Information
    Bug Tracker and Suggestions

    To avoid my threads taking over the PF1e subforum, I publish most updates in my combo thread (with only major updates in this individual thread which is primarily for discussion and bug reports). To ensure you're kept informed of future updates, either subscribe to that thread (for updates to all my extensions) or create a GitHub account and follow the specific repository of each extension you use. Or just check the releases linked in the first post of the thread periodically.
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    Users of this extension might want to use it with my OGL crit and fumble deck module.

    It will, however, work with any module that organizes it's data in tables with names matching:
    "Fumble - Attack Type" (such as Attack - Ranged)
    "Critical - Damage Type" (such as Critical - Bludgeoning)
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