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    Monster Manual missing in Encounter Buildier

    Hello all.

    I purchased the D&D Essentials Bundle for FGU and am still struggling through setting things up as DM. One thing I can't resolve is that the Monster Manual is missing from the drop down option when I go into the Encounter Builder. The MM shows as Loaded in the Campaign Setup and Module Activation windows. But when I go into "Encounters" under "Campaign" the only modules (and corresponding creatures) showing up there are Mordenkainen's Tome, DMG Sylvan Forest Encounters, Volo's Guide, and Xanathar's Guide.

    I attempted searching the FAQs and forums and don't see this issue. Any advice or feedback?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to FG. Monsters are not Encounters, they are NPCs. You will find them in the NPC list

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    The Monster Manual does not have encounters. The content is in the NPCs library.
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    Welcome to FGU.

    See here on how to create encounters

    As noted above NPCs (from any open module) are found in the NPC button and need to be added to the encounter from that list.
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    Thanks for the quick response turnaround. I guess I know just enough about D&D to have taken myself down the wrong path in a virtual interface.

    Treating monsters as NPCs also fixed the problem I was having of tokens not being targetable on the map.

    I think I'm too old for this. ;-)

    Thank again.

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