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    My Dragon Age Ruleset Adaptation

    First off, I need to give Damned a big thanks for helping me get this far with this project.

    This has been my latest MoreCore Project which I've been working on for a few weeks. I'm a big fan of the Dragon Age videogames and was in early for the Dragon Age Tabletop RPG. I suffered through the 5 year long wait for the final, 3rd box set to release, but my players and I had fun with 2 campaigns since. Since almost all of my IRL local groups are now only playing via VTT, I thought I'd adapt it to Fantasy Grounds. I've tried to keep to the color scheme used in the layout of original box set Player Guides and GM Guides.

    The Desktop

    I'm a big fan of big decals and have 6 different varieties. Here's another...


    My approach to the Character Sheet was to keep as much to core MoreCore as possible. Since all Weapon Group and Focus rolls in Dragon Age include an Attributes score, rather than building Weapon Groups and Focuses in the Rolls window (which wouldn't allow me to maintain the Attribute link), I instead pre-created them in lower roll group windows on a Template character sheet. With the idea that players would create a PC with a copy of the Template and then drag the appropriate Weapon Groups and Focuses up into the roll group windows above them. That does make it a bit of an honor system for players not to use a weapon group or focus their PC doesn't have. But TBH I've rarely have players I can't trust that much.

    I do plan to eventually make a proper character sheet and analyzing some other MoreCore extensions, I know it's possible to code things so that Roll Window drops to a character sheet automatically make the link. That was more work than I want to do initially though. Whereas creating a new weapon group or focus only amounted to dragging a dropping a template item, renaming it and then linking the correct attribute - dice string were always the same. I repurposed the Hero Points which Dragon Age doesn't use and instead used it for the universal Focus value.

    Anyhow...my template character sheet.


    Dragon Age doesn't use Races (Backgrounds instead) or Abilities (instead called Talents), so I've had to make some changes to the Abilities and Notes tabs. Since with default MoreCore a Races/Background's starting features are written into a singe text box, I attempted to make it less like a wall of text by including bullet points and spaces between features. Hopefully that makes starting features a bit more legible. These examples are for a Gorim Kitrik character, who's a Dwarf Duster - Rogue. Being a beginning PC he only has a single talent, but that blank page will feature many more over his career, including specializations. That's space will get used more than one might expect, because every talent in Dragon Age has 3 degrees (Novice, Journeyman and Master) So, in order to accommodate how they're listed on the Talents page, I've had to split each talent into 3 items - more obvious how I do it in the Talents listing window.

    So...the character sheet's Talents and Notes tabs...



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    Dragon Age spells were a challenge and a big time consumer, as the critical details are stated in a spells descriptions along with the flavor text. It's been my goal with this adaptation to omit as much descriptive and flavor text as possible, with the idea that I could make a module and share ot without infringing upon copyright. Spells really through that wrench in the cog for that though. Dragon Age doesn't use spell levels like D&D, but instead features spell chains. So the spell level slots in Spell Points group on the MoreData page aren't necessary - just Current and Max spell points boxes are needed.

    The spell listing...

    Most spells don't require any rolls in addition to a spell's initial casting roll. Some do feature an additional, variable damage or healing rolls.
    This is a spell without a rolls...

    And one that requires a damage roll if successfully cast...

    Meanwhile I've imported all of the backgrounds in the Dragon Age core books. For those only familiar with the videogames, there's the option to play a heckuva lot more and diverse archetypes in the TRPG; 32 different backgrounds in fact...

    In addition to those I've created all of the background tables, which are rolled at character creation. Thankfully those I was able to completely automate the importation process via MS Word and the table import feature...
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    This is what a typical background looks like. In this case Gorim's Dwarf Duster background...

    This is what the the roll table for the same Dwarf Duster background looks like...

    This is a screenshot of the Talents and Specialization list windows...


    As I mentioned above, I had to split 3 degrees for Talents and Specializations into 3 separate records. So that results in 2 pages of each in the Talents window, but I feel it's still manageable.
    This an example of what a talent looks like, in this cane Gorim's Novice Thievery talent.
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    And lastly Weapons and gear...oh all that gear. For those not familiar with the Dragon Age TTRPG, there's a heckuva lot of gear featured in it - much of it inspired by the videogames. The TTRPG features terrific rules for creating organizations, which a player can advance through as far as becoming a Ferelden Bann with many freeholds sworn to them, or an Orlaisian Lord who rules over a powerful house. Consequently virtually anything you can imagine such an organization requiring is listed there in the core book. That makes bringing it all in a big time consumer. My players had a lot of fun with organizations though, so I felt committed to make an effort to include it. I kept it simple and less painful by excluding the flavor text.
    Weapons are surprisingly quite simple, here's the list of all...

    Armor and shields...

    All that cool and fun Adventuring gear...

    Without the ability to use item types, it wasn't manageable to have it organized under just a few groups. So I had to create many - 7 in all. I found it necessary to prefix the Weapons and Adventuring groups with a "*" , so that they'd sort to the tope and be easier for new players to find the things they'd need at PC creation.
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    Nice job! Keep up the good work.
    Dominic Morta
    Ruleset Developer

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    Many thanx for the compliments and words of encouragement. I will continue to evolve my ruleset, but for now my efforts are going towards adapting some adventures I'd previously written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Please share the extension and character sheet export.
    Hey damned, I've been away on other projects for the past week and just noticed your request. I'm wondering what's the best way to share these - edit & place a link in my OP to a remote share, or something else?

    As well, I'm not sure how useful sharing the PC sheet export and extension would be, considering the meat of my adaptation is in the Backgrounds, Talents and Classes. Those could only be shared via a module and most of the core rulebooks flavor text is there in talents. I also have a concern about sharing the character sheet, as each spell contains its complete text from the rulebook. I don't want to infringe any copyright here or rankle Green Ronin. On the other hand I do want to share my efforts with the FG community. Should I perhaps do proper due diligence here and email Green Ronin and request permission?

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