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    Proprietary ruleset not found

    We cannot log into the GM's host game b/c of an error stating that a proprietary ruleset cannot be found or is not installed. We are not and he is not using a proprietary ruleset. Also, I get this error message when trying to create or edit a local character - Could not load ruleset root base.xml. I believe these may be related. Everyone has updated to latest version. The GM is running fine. None of the Lite users can connect. Please help!

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    I have this exact same error in pretty much the exact same situation.
    I have even installed the program on a different computer and get the same error.
    See https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?p=50443 for my thread describing this issue.

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    Ask the GM to send you the file D20.pak and copy to your folder and that should work till the Dev. find a better solution
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    Yes, one of our other players figured that trick out. Thanks for the reply. Apparently when there are no updates available and you use the update it corrupts the pak file.

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    If bandwidth is not an issue for your players, you can try to create a "custom" ruleset, but make it an exact copy of the d20 ruleset. If it really is a corrupt d20.pak, that should solve it too.

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    I've posted this to another thread somewhere, but I'll share my experiences here with this error.

    This problem comes from upgrading FGv1 to FGv2 (at least it was for me). Because I "fudged" my default d20 ruleset in FGv1, when I upgraded to FGv2 I had this issue. I tried the d20pak, and that did not fix things.

    To resolve it I completely removed both versions of Fantasy Grounds, deleted the registry entries, and deleted all files (after backing up) from their installed locations. After that I reinstalled FGv2 and the issue was resolved.

    Warning: you may want to backup your registry if you want to try this.

    Hope this helps someone ...

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