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    Extenson change tokens

    Hi all!

    I have some characters in my party that has "change shape" abilities, and I was searching for some extension that changes the character's token when the change shape ability is used.
    I didn't found anything, and I was trying to develop my own extension, but I don't found any documentation about the code that I should override. There is some documentation repository that I could use?

    Thanks a lot!

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    You don't say for what ruleset. This one handles Druid Wildshape in 5e; so it may give you some ideas https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...hapes-(for-5E)
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    Thanks a lot! I'm working on Pathfinder e2 and Pathfinder 1 rulesets.

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    Check those sub-forums. Pretty sure their is a token change extension for those rulesets somewhere, in know there are an handful or so for 5E. Typical names are things like 'polymorph', 'wildshape', 'druid'.

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