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    White BOX OSR-Update thread


    -[Fixed] Save modifiers from desktop modstack and character sheet should now properly apply to the save roll.

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    -Updated ruleset for latest Core RPG.
    -Fixed anchoring on several frames on vehicle record

    Please report any issues you find.

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    -[Fixed] prime requisites were being cut off
    - Added a level up message when you drag class record to character sheet to level up.
    -[Fixed] All record locks should be working properly.
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    -[Fixed] ATK:# effect now should work for both targeted and untargeted rolls
    - Tweaked Initiative roller. It now matches Friend or Foe for group initiative instead of type. This can come into play for White Star and OWB WW2. So a Friendly NPC or Vehicle would all change when the player rolls. Same for Foe or neutral. If you playing these games feedback is welcome on this one.
    -[Fixed] Character sheets were not properly linking on the CT Host. not sure how they got broken. (core rpg maybe?)

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    -[Updated] ruleset utilizing new Combat Tracker code. Removed deprecated scripts.

    An update to the core rules has been sent over to Mythmere games.

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    -Updated the way Hp/Wnds interact to be more like 2e/5e ruleset.
    -Adjusted some frames to improve readability

    I also sent an update to Matt for the SW core books to fix some minor typos.

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    -[Fixed] NPC spell tab should now function properly

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    - Improved automation for dropping spells on PC spell tab.
    -Cleaned up alignment issues with several frames.

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    - Ruleset Updated to account for new changes in Fantasy Grounds

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    - [ALL] Added die modifers and unlocked dice panel
    -[FIXED] AAC calculation in WhiteStar and OWB
    -[FIXED] CT targeting in OWB
    -[Fixed] Vehicle sizing when adding to CT

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