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    Error on Startup

    (Running FG2- Fully patched v2.1.0 LITE)
    I began to get an error tonight for the first time after using the software successfully for months.
    "Could not load ruleset root file base.xml"
    It happens when I try to crate and view local characters and I have not made any changes to the ruleset.
    I un-installed, rebooted, made sure all directories were deleted and the registry was removed and re-installed and still get the same error.
    One of the friends I play with had the game open and was connected to our usual server. He restarted his program and began to get the exact same error.
    It would appear to be an issue with either a recent update and/or authentication to the smiteworks server on startup.

    Any idea how soon this issue will be fixed?
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    Are you using the default d20 ruleset? Many rulesets do not allow players to make characters locally, particularly proprietary rulesets.

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    Yes. I get the error after a fresh install with no modifications.

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    I have the same issue....


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    Ok, I got it to work...

    It seems if you uninstall a previous licensed version the old license key stays in the registry(yuck). I uninstalled the previous version then MANUALLY deleted the registry entry. Reinstalled and presto... it worked for me.


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    Well, that doesn't describe me.
    I have only had one license. I purchased it and installed it and it has worked for months and then it gave me that error last night. I un-installed completely, verified that the directories and registry entries were gone and then re-installed. I still get the error.

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    Actually, I just tried this on a PC that has never had FGII installed on it and I get the same error.

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    When was the last time you ran the updater?

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    As I said in my original post, "(Running FG2- Fully patched v2.1.0 LITE)" and on the second install, it updates on first run so it is also fully patched.

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    Yes, but on the non-new install, when was the last time you ran the updater?
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