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    Only Descending Armor Class?

    Does this module only have Descending Armor Class? I hope not, I can't stand Thac0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ransolot View Post
    Does this module only have Descending Armor Class? I hope not, I can't stand Thac0.
    Not used the ruleset but if you're using a VTT why does it even matter to you if it uses ascending or descending. Unless OSE is dramatically different than the other rulesets in FG then it does the math for you and just tells you what you hit. At that point they could be using differential equations to figure out AC, so long as you know you hit or miss, who cares.

    Seems like the least important things to worry about to me if you're using a VTT. The benefit is that it does the math for you for things one might have issues doing on their own.
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    I second what Celestian says. It does indeed do the math for you. The ruleset uses the attack matrix as presented in the Rules Tomes.

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    That’s great and have a full understanding of how the program works. This doesn’t mean it’s my preferred way of playing.

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