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    Interest check SFS/PFS2 SAT/SUN June 18th/19th

    If there is any interest in SFS (or PFS2) on SAT/SUN June 18th/19th let me know. Please also indicate preferred scenario and timeslot.

    Possible SFS scenarios include:

    A. Starfinder Society Scenario #4-15: Feuding Faiths (5-8)

    B. Starfinder Society Scenario #4-16: Hope for the Future (5-8)

    C. Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Redemption's Rise [5-01] (1-4)

    D. Starfinder Society Scenario #5-03: Combatant's Concerto: Fugue of the Traitor (7-10)

    E. Starfinder One-Shot #4: Before the Storm (four 1st-level characters.)

    F. Starfinder Bounties 1-3 (1st level, around 1 hour)

    Possible timeslots (+-1 hour):

    1. Saturday 1.30 PM UTC

    2. Saturday 5.30 PM UTC

    3. Sunday 1.30 PM UTC

    4. Sunday 5.30 PM UTC

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    I recently purchased the Starfinder Humble Bundle and have been looking over the rules. I am completely new to the system, but consider me interested in trying it out. I own both Fantasy Grounds Classic and Unity.

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    I could possibly do timeslot 2, although it could be a tight fit, as I have an in-person game on Saturday (so a later start would be good, earlier definitely not).
    I'm good for options B, C, D, and possibly E.
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