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    Are you still interested in taking on one additional player? I'm 16 (but IMO I'm relatively mature for my age -- and am incredibly reliable in terms of availability). I am 110% interested, and have been looking for a Call of Cthulhu 7th edition game to play in for several months since my last one ended. I have ~3 years of experience with Call of Cthulhu, but no experience with Alien. Additionally, I can keep a mood pretty well, and I've been through several groups that couldn't and understand 100% how frustrating it is when you're just trying to play a horror game and people keep cracking jokes or getting off-topic every 15 seconds. And regarding the rules-lawyering/rudeness/etc., I don't do that -- it is incredibly frustrating to me when players cannot get over a little grudge with one another OR cannot keep OOC stuff OOC.

    Also I apologize if this is painful to read, I have a tendency towards being erratic and rambling occasionally when I am typing/writing about something that excites me.

    Also, if you ARE interested in having me as a player, and want to speak with me on Discord, my Discord account is Ethanos#1107. Please let me know!

    - Ethan(os)
    Hey, Ethan!

    You sound like you'd be a good potential fit. Right now, we're full up, but that rarely remains the case in my experience. Would you be okay if I put you on reserve to call up if someone exits?

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    Ethan, we have an opening, if you're still interested and available.

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    I am -- send me the Discord invite at Ethanos#1107 whenever you get a chance!

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