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    Change Fog Color (hear me out)

    Here is an idea...
    So I want to make a map... it's a brown parchment color.
    The map is already detailed... but I want the fog of war coving it in the same color... why you ask?

    Sometimes you might want to game without using the map as party-position display.

    I would like to present the "map" as it it was an NPC cartographer uncovering (as if he was drawing it out) the fog of war.

    The players therefore read the map as they play any possible chance someone out there can do this?

    In the meantime, the NPC Gwindol the Gnomish Scribe will be making out his map using white chalk on a black-slate (since its the only fog color) for all the players to observe.

    I'm trying to do more "theater of the mind" (Castles & Crusades)

    Thanks for the twitter retweet today FG!!

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    If my memory isn't failing me... There was an extension years ago for FGC that changed the mask color. Someone might be able to point you to that, though honestly it is unlikely to work with FGU. But, as far as I know, their is no way to change the FOW color.

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    It works differently in FGU, because the image control is much more advanced. It will need to be something on the wish list to be investigated.


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