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    Humble bundle

    Just letting folks k know about a great chance to grab a great deal if you play starfinder. 37 pdfs and a hardback for under $50. And the pdfs can be linked to you fgu account which will discount the fgu version if available i believe.

    I did this for pf1e and it was amazing.

    PF1e extensions links I use. Add notes and alphabetize the Action Tab

    PF1e Effect List (BETA). PM me to edit. Includes: 3.5 Wiki, Better Combat Effects, Extended automation and overlays, Size Matters, Effect Removal , and Size Changes

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    I will say that I have been very happy with the Paizo Humble Bundles. I also get them all on FG too. They can be pricey bundles at times, but they come with a physical item. Then also they come with a discount on here as well which is even better. This one has a whole adventure path which is awesome.

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