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    Custom Classes and Character Creation

    I saw this brought up a while back and wanted to see if it had been updated.

    After creating a custom class, is there a way to have it work/be selected in the Character Wizard.

    Specifically I made a specialization for Fighter. I can drag and drop it onto the Character sheet and it seems to work as advertised, but would be nice if it worked through the normal character creation and leveling up process.


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    Homebrewed stuff may or may not work with the Character Wizard; most likely not. You are best using drag and drop for your own creations, and also best if you export to a module so that all your own stuff is in one place. Homebrewed classes won't be compatible with official content either (as far as archetypes are concerned) so that's another reason to have everything in your own module and to use drag and drop only from that module.
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    Thanks for the swift reply. Very helpful.

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