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    Dumb Question - Skill Rolls / Saves, etc

    Question - is there an easy, simple way to make the usual, simple, D20+Skill/Trait rolls.

    Ie. "Make a fortitude save" - how can my players easily make such a roll? How is it FG allows this to happen? So far I can roll a D20 only, and drag my Skill (or in this case, Fort) onto the campaign chat..... I feel I am missing something.

    Similarly, if I wanted to make, say, a spot check... how?

    Please help?

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    You drag the appropriate skill modifier or saving throw modifier to the "modifiers" box and then roll a d20. It will apply the modifier to your die roll and give a text label to indicate what went into the die roll (e.g., Fortitude save).

    If you put commonly used modifiers, such as charge bonus, a saving throw bonus versus enchantments, etc., on hotkeys, you can (for instance) drag your Will save to the box, hit the save vs ench hotkey, and then roll the die. Your total modifiers will be applied and there'll be a label to indicate both the will save and the extra modifier.

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    And for one-off d20 rolls with modifiers, you can simply mouse over the Modifier Box (which is right below the chat box) and use the mouse wheel in either direction to create a positive or negative modifier that will be applied to the next roll.

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    If you want, you can create a custom ruleset, check out this thread: and make your skills sheet clickable.

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