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    Gen Con Online SFS/PFS2 Interest check (please reply before the weekend)

    Without any advance notice it seems GM signups for Gen Con Online have opened.

    I know that some people will be at the physical Gen Con, so we will be down a few people.

    That being said, is there any interest in SFS or PFS2 at Gen Con Online from August 4-7, 2022?

    I would ideally need to know before the start of the weekend (see below).

    Please indicate which blocks may work for you and whether you'd prefer PFS2 or SFS for that slot and which tier would work best for you.

    Block 1: Thursday 8am-1pm EDT (noon UTC to 5 PM UTC)

    Block 2: Thursday 2pm-7pm EDT (6 PM UTC to 11 PM UTC)

    Block 3: Thursday 8pm-1am EDT (midnight UTC to 5 AM UTC)

    Block 4: Friday 8am-1pm EDT (noon UTC to 5 PM UTC)

    Block 5: Friday 2pm-7pm EDT (6 PM UTC to 11 PM UTC)

    Block 6: Friday 8pm-1am EDT (Starfinder Special) (midnight UTC to 5 AM UTC)

    Block 7: Saturday 8am-1pm EDT (noon UTC to 5 PM UTC)

    Block 8: Saturday 2pm-7pm EDT (6 PM UTC to 11 PM UTC)

    Block 9: Saturday 8pm-1am EDT (Pathfinder Special) (midnight UTC to 5 AM UTC)

    Block 10: Sunday 9am-2pm EDT (noon UTC to 5 PM UTC)

    From my side it will be difficult to determine tomorrow whether I would be able make blocks 1-5 on short notice, so only blocks 6-10 are likely to be realistic.

    Unfortunately schedules will be assigned by the Organizing Committee. While it's possible to list block preferences, there's no telling what demand there will be, so the earlier I can fill out the GM signup form the better. For that reason, as already mentioned, please respond before the weekend.

    Additionally, scenarios will likely also be assigned (which makes it impossible for me to determine whether we'll likely have enough players), though it is possible to indicate tiers.

    Pathfinder Second Edition 1-4

    Pathfinder Second Edition 3-6

    Pathfinder Second Edition 5-8

    Pathfinder Second Edition 9-12

    Starfinder 1-4

    Starfinder 3-6

    Starfinder 5-8

    Starfinder 9-12

    To be honest I'm not entirely certain whether it makes sense to list games under these circumstances but we'll see.

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    Hi Stephan,
    as you can probably guess, my primary interest would be for PF2 games though I have played almost everything save for 2-16 Freedom for Wishes (Lv 5-8) and then everything 3-13 and after so I don't have all that many options. If the special is a new one this year (which I assume) I would surely be interested in that, although I know that timing sucks for you starting at 12am UTC. I would be interested in the highest tier offered and am sure I could rally more Fantasy Grounds for said slot as well. The worst me slots for me is the 8am EDT as I am PDT and not a morning person. That being said, sometimes you have to sacrifice sleep for some good convention play .

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    Hi Stephan!

    and Sean.

    Like Sean said, I've played (or will have after PaizoCon) most everything out. So the newest scenarios, repeatables and the special (highest tier like Sean is my preference) are my focus. It looks like I'm available for GenCon to play too. Since I'm all "played up" for Pathfinder 2E, I'll begin to look at reviving my Starfinder characters and will probably play in at least one SFS slot at GenCon, in any tier.
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    I could probably make any of the slots 6-10 (for the others, I'd probably need to take the days off (which I'll maybe do anyway, I still have quite a few vacation days that I need to take before the end of the year)).

    I have the same problem with PF2 as Sean and redchin, so unless you get assigned completely fresh scenarios or repeatables, it could get difficult.
    Also, I will probably want to play the specials anyway, so that's always a good idea to go for (even though the slots will be middle of the night for me).
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    I just filled out the web questionair for gencon but I only have one mod to play so my options are limited.

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    Good luck!

    I got

    Slot 2 2pm-7pm Thursday Afternoon:.......SFS 5-02: Road to Reconciliation

    Slot 5 2pm-7pm Friday Afternoon:.............SFS 5-02: Road to Reconciliation

    Slot 8 2pm-7pm Saturday Afternoon:.......…SFS 5-05: Boom-block Gambit

    Slot 9 8pm-1am Saturday Evening:.............PFS2 3-98 Expedition Into Pallid Peril (Tier 3-4)

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