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    Cyberpunk RED Download

    I picked up the Cyberpunk RED ruleset, but the Updater either isn't seeing it, or Forge has it configured improperly, or my account is still having problems (I purchased products from the FG store and they wouldn't download until I specifically asked support to confirm my email account was properly connected).

    When I check the Updater log, it says that it sees 2 Forge subscriptions, but only MoreCore downloads as expected. The other Forge subscription isn't in my inventory/doesn't map to the UUID of Cyberpunk RED. There's a second Forge dat file in the vault folder, but it's the wrong UUID (4e3cd2f4-1e15-11ec-8c52-0050562be458).

    MoreCore UUID: 13d8b724-465e-11ec-8c52-0050562be458
    Cyberpunk RED UUID: 2f6a4de8-ca27-11ec-8c52-0050562be458

    I've disabled the Cyberpunk RED ruleset, updated, and re-enabled, then updated. No change.

    Is there a chance the UUID for the Cyberpunk RED subscription/file is improperly labeled or indexed or something?

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    I suspect you need to reach out to support to resolve this. Sounds like you've checked everything I could suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    It is not loading to the vault. There is a stub file in the vault but the ruleset is downloading to the /rulesets folder
    Hi, Damned! Do you mean MoreCore? MoreCore is fine. I see it in the vault and in /rulesets. I don't see anything anywhere for Cyberpunk RED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    I suspect you need to reach out to support to resolve this. Sounds like you've checked everything I could suggest.
    I was afraid of that. I wasn't happy with support last time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    In my \rulesets folder (as well as MoreCore) I have
    Cyberpunk RED.pak
    13/05/2022 (my time is ahead of yours)
    I don't have that, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    you might try and remove the dat file in the forge and rerun the updater.
    Thanks! I've done that with no luck. The "stub" in the vault directory has the wrong UUID, but at least it's downloading it. I've opened a ticket.

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    Hi PRAdams!

    Were you able to get this resolved? I wrote the ruleset, so just want to make sure it wasn’t anything to do with a build I pushed - but it sounds like it was a Forge-related issue?

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