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    List: Troy Monteith Extensions

    Hey guys! I guess I've built up a fair collection of extensions out there, figured I'd consolidate some of that into a single list. Make things a little easier to find and check off.

    5E Specific

    Random PC Generator - Tired of coming up with a new character? try this!

    Inanimate Manager - Want some automation with traps, containers, and allowing players to pickup or destroy items from the map? Try this!

    Random Encounter Generator - Forge - Set up biomes with maps and npcs, or just generate whatever based on your party level.

    NPC Maker - Forge - Need to make a quick NPC with the right challenge rating? Want to modify that bandit to be a goblin and carry a rifle instead? Make templates and npcs with ease. Have an NPC ready as quick as you can drag and drop!

    Spell Components Check - Forge - Want to know if a player has all the components they need to cast a spell? Want to keep track of the items consumed? This extension has two modes (notify in chat or utilize a dialogue box to deny or accept spell castings) to make sure your players aren't breaking the weave

    Random Spellbook Generator - Forge - Need an ancient Tome? or maybe you have the NPC Random Treasure Drops and want wizards to drop their spellbook? This extension is here to help you build what you need.

    Any Ruleset

    Automatic Record Links - Forge - This extension adds a list to some of your records to show you OTHER records that are mentioned, or vice versa. Really great for organizing notes and finding relationships between your notes. Great for GMs who need to find information relevant to say a story record.

    Clock Adjuster- (FREE) - One of my oldest extensions and recently brought back to life, this extension helps you keep track of time, events, reminders, travelling, rests, and tasks a player is busy with. Now including automation for the Alien RPG ruleset, this extension is an incredibly useful tool, ready for other extension authors to take advantage of.

    Debugger - (FREE) - this extension gives you live access to your database for debugging purposes. Reduce time spent placing debug script and reloading. Fix corrupted data. Find hidden values.

    S.C.P. Agent - One of my more obscure extensions with a bit of a niche. The SCP Foundation is a terribly amazing compendium of user submitted short stories assembled as a Wiki page. Within the SCP Foundation, you will find thousands of stories about magical, hilarious, mind-melting or downright existentially terrifying entities and phenomena that plague the reality of the Foundation's universe, all designated with an SCP number. This tool Helps you to create an npc stat block and show you the wiki page of each entry, and can be left blank to generate a list at random. Track what has been secured, what is loose, and what is unmonitored. But you don't need this extension to see what's out there by any means, please look for yourself and see the wonderful, crazy, memetic world of the SCP Foundation

    NPC Random Treasure Drops - Forge - (5E Support only, but CAN work with others like Alien or Call of Cthulhu) - Use conditions on tables to get unique loot to entities your party encounters. Set up harvesting rules in parcels. After a bit of setting up, all you'll need to give players encounter appropriate items is the click of a button!

    Babyl - babyl allows you to control someone's ability to understand or speak a language with effects!

    If you have any questions, concerns, requests or whatnot, please come to our team discord, and to my channel #troy-monteith-stuff. I try my best to respond there asap, I'm not as great at that on the forums, unfortunately.
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    Hey everyone! I’ve updated the list here to include a link to the Forge page for each that have recently moved!

    Thats right! All these extensions should now be available on the Fantasy Grounds Forge! Get them now to never worry about checking versions and downloads again!

    Automatic Record Links, NPC Maker, Random Encounter Generator, Spell Components Check, Random Spellbook Generator have all been moved! Just click the “Forge” link beside each above (I left the DMsGuild ones just in case)

    Per usual, I am not that active on the forums, so please direct any questions or concerns to the team discord: https://discord.gg/rob2e

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