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    [Extension] 5E Random PC Generator

    Want a character for a one-shot right away? Maybe you need inspiration for a character? Lose your character a lot and just want to play? 5E Random PC Generator is here to help you get into a game fast!
    The GM can enable an assortment of ability score picking methods or select a static option, including some crazy methods for wild GMs. GM's can also decide if Feats can be randomly selected instead of ability score increases, the "Tier of Play" for magic items starting at higher levels.

    Ability Score Picking Options include:
    Not Crazy:

    Static Array, Point Buy, 3d6, 4d6 drop the lowest
    1d20, 3d10, 1d30

    Filters allow you to build a semi-random character, including Race, Subrace, Class, Specialization, level and background.

    You can multiclass by adding levels after generating a character.

    Skills and any spells are randomly selected.

    Equipment and gold are automatically picked and added.

    Height and weight are automatically added and varied.

    Background information is rolled and added, and if you have a table with a matching name "classname Appearance", "subclassname Appearance", "racename Appearance", "subracename Appearance", "background Appearance", the results will be added to the character's "Appearance" field.
    Source material is expanding, and variances in writing can occur. If you find any results in official material that could be improved upon, please join our discord and share your experience so we can expand the database of this extension. https://discord.gg/rob2e

    Video Here

    Get it Here!

    Be sure your players have modules (for classes, races, backgrounds and equipment) like the Players Handbook open and the GM has a module (for magic items at higher levels) like the Dungeon Masters Guide open.
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