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    May 14th Game Day

    May 14th's Game Day is being held in partnership with the David Middleton Memorial Con.

    Please register and sign-up for games here:

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    Live stream:
    Youtube replays of fg sessions and tutorials:

    Free stuff:
    D&D5e FAQ module for fg:
    FG 5e Module Conversions:
    Map Maker Conversion:
    Roll Player Conversion:
    Rangers of Shadow Deep Conversion:

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    Game listings I'm aware of:

    Slot 1: 11.30 AM UTC - 3.30 PM UTC
    SF Adventure: The Starfinder Four vs. the Hardlight Harlequin

    Slot 2: 4 PM UTC to 8 PM UTC
    SFS 1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet

    Slot 3b: 9 [!] PM UTC to 0.30 AM UTC
    SFS 1-32: Acts of Association

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