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    SFS/PFS2 Interest check SAT/SUN May 7th/8th around 5.30 PM UTC

    Is there any interest in SFS or PFS2 on (A) Saturday, May 7th around 5.30 PM UTC or (B) Sunday, May 8th around 5.30 PM UTC?

    Options would include:

    1) SFS 4-15: Feuding Faiths (5-8)

    2) SFS 4-16: Hope for the Future (5-8)

    3) SFS older 1-4

    4) Pathfinder One-Shot #2: Dinner at Lionlodge

    7) PFS2 2-21: In Pursuit of Water (1-4)

    6) PFS2 3-03: Echoes of Desperation

    8) PFS2 older repeatable

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    I would vote for 8, but that is because I have played all the PFS2 stuff for the most part. Go with what others want if there is a call for anything else! Maybe I need to finally give in and catch up my Starfinder Society stuff so i can play more...!

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    PFS2 - 4, 7, 8.

    I just played 3-03 last weekend. I am not a Starfinder, one 100% buy in RPG is enough for me.
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    We'll see whether anyone else is interested and will then try to narrow down time and scenario.

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    Glad there's still hope for Sunday May 8th, though I think my wife mentioned something - so I'll double check for conflicts for the 12:30 - 5:30 Central Time slot, which is what I believe that 5:30 UTC translates into for me.

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    There's a good chance I could also do 1.30 PM UTC each day - but that's usually too early for the west coast.

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    Do you want to try to schedule a repeatable (or some bounties) on SUN 8th around 5.30 PM in the hopes of some other people signing up through warhorn?

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