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    Annoucement: D&D 3.5 'Sword and Quill'

    *You stir and awaken to the sounds of conversation and music and the smell of food, a stark contrast to the damp soil where you laid your head to rest. Leaning up, you find yourself infront of the fire-place of a large, very impressive looking tavern. The polished stone floor is lined in places with thick, soft pelts while fancy chandilers above hold dancing magical lights. All around, a minagire men and woman populate the tables, feasting on any and all imaginable sorts of food and drinks. From Regal, stately looking knights to aged looking wizards... bearing all sorts of marks, insignia's and scars.
    In one corner, a single being sits at a table alone.... as if sensing your gaze, he looks to you and beckons you to him... a simple guesture which you feel compeled to obey.
    It is strange to look upon him.... as you are not entirely sure if he is human or elven.... if he is of fair or dark skin... and there are moments that you feel he is not there at all. Still, an ease settles around as you sit across from him and he smiles warmly*

    "Greetings, Adventurer. Oh, you seem concerned.....Do not worry, you are perfectly safe, I promise. We couldn't help but notice you out and about in the world and thought perhaps you were overdue for a few of the comforts in life. Ah... you were in the midst of something? No need to fret... when all is said and done, we will be more than happy to set you back where you were...or anywhere else you would like to go.... and it will be as though you never left.

    Where are you? Oh, I do apologize, where are my manners... allow me to welcome you to my humble abode... "The Sword and Quill". Oh, you have heard of it, I see....Yes... THAT 'Sword and Quill'.... The Inn of heroes and legends... that appears and disappears all across the lands of Ayden to those who make their own mark upon it. But it saddens me that people do seem to forget that we also serve food here. Me? Well, if you must know: I am called by many names, but known by none... I suppose the people of your land refer to me as 'The Nameless Bard'. I am a....collector of sorts.

    Oh, you may stay and rest for as long as you like.... time moves differently here compared to outside of the inn.... If you are hungry or thirst, you need only ask. I ask for one thing in return though. Heh, put your coin purse away, adventurer.... all I require is a tale. A simple story....

    Your Story....

    So spin your tale for me, Adventurer.... add it to my collection as I extend my hospitality...and have it heard heard and known as the ages past.... "


    The Sword and Quill is my personal Campaign Setting for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, and after much debate as to the tool to spread it, it comes to Fantasy Grounds, very likely the finest Internet Table Top tool avalible.
    The word is out and the call is made for an exploration and adventure of this new world... first come, first serve.

    Three out of Four spots are opened (one reserved) for this game, and both vetrans and newbies are welcome. Although this is my first foray with Fantasy Grounds, I have seven years of GMing experience in traditional table top, Chat-Room based RPG, and Forum Play By Post Games (in order of my prefered styles)

    You can either apply by posting here, or you may contact me Via AOL Instant messenger or MSN Instant messenger under the name [email protected] which also serves as my E-mail address... please lable any E-mail attempts as 'Fantasy Grounds: Sword and Quill'.... as I have a habit of deleting any unfamiliar addresses.

    The game will be scedualed for Sundays. I am in Eastern Standard Timezone... but should be able to play at any time on those days. The exact start and ending time will be debated by players to hopefully find a happy medium that will meet with everybody's sceduals. I would like for game sessions to run between 3 to 5 hours, but I understand if that is not always possible.
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    Rules and More.... Announcement Continued.


    All characters start out at level 2.... you are allowed all mundane equimpent someone of your class would be expected to have, normal starting money, and ONE minor magical item to be approved by the GM (aka, Me...The Nameless Bard). The more creative your backstory, the more I am likely to let you get away with. If you require any information about the world, do not hesitate to ask via Forum entry, Email, or IM.

    Any Class is allowed EXCEPT for Psions. This includes base classes in 3.5 source and suppliment books. I will need to verify it online if I do not own the book itself, so please cite your source.

    I have five house rules which are as follows:

    1: Training- The world is filled with skilled people, so Trainer and expert NPC's are capable of passing their knowledge along to the PC's at points thoughout the game. Some might require only monitary recompensation, while others might offer training instead of stadard rewards for quests. Typically, training will grant either a skill bonus (between +1 to +5), making a cross class skill into a class skill, or giving extra feats to a PC. For the purpose of training under different mentors, you will not gain a bonus from a second mentor unless they are superior in their craft to your first mentor.These bonuses do not stack with each other Also, class specific feats cannot be learned though training without meeting the requriements for these feats.

    2: Firing into Melee- For ranged fighters who shoot into melee's mixed with hostiles mixed with friendlies, you have an option. You can either take a -2 penalty to your attack roll to avoid your allies, or you can take a shot without penalties. But a roll of natural 5 or less, you strike an ally for regular damage. (this was added to my personal rule set due to a certain group who needed to be humbled)

    3: Leveling Up New School: My approach to leveling is very much video-game inspired. When you reach your leveling requirement, you may level up the next time you sleep in a safe place for 8 hours. This can happen even in the middle of an adventure so you do not have to wait for the end of the current game session. When this happens, the game marches on while the player is leveling his character with the GM puppeting him/her until the level up is complete. (this may or may not be needed depending on how well players can multitask with Fantasy Grounds...but the option is open.

    4: The EXP Grind: Experience points are awarded immediately after obstacles are overcome, with bonus EXP given for Laugh Points, Excellent Roleplay, and Creativity. Thus, it is important to keep a tally of your exp as you are capable of leveling up at nearly any time in game (assuming you can rest in a reasonalbly safe place). Also, you are allowed once per adventure to spend Experience (No less than 1000 experience) in exchange for a burst of intuitive insight into the plot, a puzzel, or a clue as to how to overcome a specific obstacle.

    5: Class Prestige: While any base-class can be multi-classed into at any time, you require some inspiration / teacher / mentor in order to break into a prestige class. Given advanced warning as to what is wished, these characters will be introduced...but you do not have to always wait until your next level up to gain the class. At times, you are allowed to 'ret-con' your levels when you are brought into a prestige class, exchanging your last level for a level of the new prestige class... for example: Elan is an 11th level Bard... when cut off from his party during an adventure, he meets Capt. Julio Scoundrel, the Dashing Swordsman. Taken with Elan's enthuiasm and natural charisma, Capt. Scoundrel takes the bard under his wing and, in route to the Party's location, teaches Elan the ways of the Dashing Swordsman. Elan is now a 10th level Bard / 1st level Dashing Swordsman, ready to save the day (and the love of his life) when he finds his friends in a bind.
    Once set, the new level in the prestige class is permenent... so you cannot change classes constantly... you can only turn a level of your base class into another base class or a new prestige class. This process MUST also be RPed...

    The world of Ayden is somewhat different from your standard D&D setting.... the following are the avalible sentient races for Players... including all classic starting races and two new comers unique (as far as I know) to Sword and Quill.

    Human: The most populous of the civil races, humans control most kingdoms in the Waking West and are the norm against which all other races are measured. they are extremely diverse in personality and appearance. Humans can occupy any position in the world, worship nearly any deity, and come from all walks of life and almost every corner of the lands.
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Elf: Elves are an elder race who often debate that they, and not the Dragons, are the most ancient of races. They claim that all truely civil races; the humans, gnomes, and halflings come from degrated elven stock. (they believe dwarves were born of rock.... while all monsterous races decend from their hated Savage Orcish rivals) Often arrogent to a fault, these long lived beings tend to see themselves as the most sophisticated of life-forms. This leads to almost constant strife among one insulted peoples or another. While indivudual elves may be detached from their people, the elven Kings tend to be VERY confrontational with what they consider to be 'lower-races'. Currently, the Elven Kings of the eastern Woods are locked in a struggle in the East with the atrociously impolite Halflings (it is rumored the conflict started when a halfling envoy belched aloud at an elven banquet.) this often brings them into conflict with the Mixed Leadership of Truce, who keeps the elves at arm's length, viewing them as spoiled children
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Dwarf: The Dwarves are the foremost artisans and craftsmen of the world. Their steel and mithral work is almost as sought after as their mighty warriors. They have colonies in most mountian ranges in the waking west, but their greatest halls are located in the northern mountains of Ayden. Typically, the Dwarven thanes are content with their halls and mines and protect them viciously from invaders.Young Dwarven mercenaries looking for fortune and fame are commonly seen outside the mines, although few settle outside of their mountain homes once their wanderlust fades and they have accumulated enough wealth to live out as they wish.
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Halfling: Although small in size, halflings are notoriously vicious fighters and loyal companions to those who earn their trust. Thier outriders maintain peace in the fertile planes to the south of Truce which borders the Eastern Wood on two sides. Normally merry and easygoing, the halfling communities have engaged elven soldiers on occassion, although deny that they are truely at war with the Elven communities. Halflings often pride themselves on their agricultural abilities, growing food that is the envy of farms across the west. They have an often undeserved reputation as theives and pickpockets due to the tendency of young city-halflings to take up those trades. Some of the finest theives in the land ARE halflings.... but they are also among the finest alchemists, farmers, and cooks.
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Gnome: Gnomes are something of an paradox in the world.... small of stature, yet surprisingly powerful in the civilized world. Gnomes share a place with Dwarves as the artisans of the world... but they also often control large fortunes due to their great business sense and shrewed merchantile tactics. Although more at place in a vault-house or money-changer desk than in combat, younger or particularly adventurous gnomes often take up their lives in order to gain valuable contacts and 'real-world' experience for their later years rather than to make large fortunes in their time adventuring.
    Stats: As Players Handbook (Addition: Diplomacy: -4 against civil kobolds)
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    Announcement Part 3... the last of it.

    Damn word limit...okay....here's the rest of it.

    Half-Elf: Half-Elves, like half-orcs, are often more with curiosity than with suspicion. They are oddities in the minds of some, but so common that they are generally accepted as a 'race' even when they are an obvious mixing of two legitamite sentient races. Half-Elves often take after whichever parent they are raised with. Also, on occassions, half-elves will marry eachother and their children will in turn inherit both sides of their heritage. Half-elves have shown no disernable behavior patterns or class choices.
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Half-Orc: Often treated with prejudice and constant suspicion.Half-Orcs are commonly the product of a human woman being forcibly taken by a male orc. Some see them as extentions of orc-kind that can be controlled for struck out at while the savage full blooded orcs can not be. They can be the embodiment of their savage stereotype, or they might be more human than those who strike out at them.
    Stats: As Players Handbook

    Goblin (Civil): Some centuries ago, certain tribes of goblinoid with particularly visionary cheifs entered the city of Truce to join the society that goblinoid kind had often attempted to prey upon. After many years of compromise and hardships, these 'Civilized goblins' were granted the same rights as other sentient races. Although even after all these years stereotypes given them by their wild cousins endure among the human citizens, some goblins have managed to advance into various fields, becoming merchants, artisans, even a few scholars and wizards. They have also been hailed as master animal trainers for those that follow their shamanistic roots (Ranger or Druid class). Unfortunately, many have also degraded into the beggar's pits and ghettos of urban civilization, with many finding their callings as theives and thugs, their natural inventiveness making many of them skilled with mechanical locks and such.
    Goblinoid tribes have broken down into various family systems, most taking up human faiths and customs for their own. Also, the improved healthcare, cleanliness, and food have shown their effects over generations, making civil goblins physically more stable and astetically appealing.
    Goblinoid speech often either has a neutral accent, or maintains a bit of original goblin tone (Real World equivilent: Russian)
    -1 Strength, +2 dexterity, -1 Charisma
    Size: Small, +1 AC (Civil Goblins of the most recent generations have lost their racial back-hunch and normally stand the same size as a halfling.) +2 Hide, -2 grappling
    Racial: +4 Hide, -4 grappling, +3 Disable Device
    Base Speed: 30
    Low-Light Vision: 60ft
    Racial: +4 Move Silently, +4 Riding
    Favored Class: Rogue

    (Civil Goblin Wizard)

    Kobold (Civil): During the first Truce Council, the Dragons invited members of every civilized race to represent their kind and offer a universally accepted standard of civilized sentient races as opposed to monsterious races. Among the invited were the kobolds, whom the dragons shared a distant relation. Although none of the representitives present expected the nasty little lizard-dogs to come, many (espeically the Elven envoys) were downright insulted when the Dukar'ka Kabold Clan arrived and attended negotiations. The great Dukar'ka wished to reclaim his people's status as Dragon-Cousins and though cunning diplomacy and force of personality, won the approval of the majority of the envoys (although even after all of these centuries, they still have a mutual dislike and mistrust with Gnomes.) Civil Kobolds are often easy to distinguish from their feral cousins on sight, taking deep pride in their draconic heritage and keeping themselves as clean and well kept as practically possible, often dressing in the finest clothes they can afford. With the exception of their universal rivalry and ancestrial hatred of gnomes, they have assemilated well as a race into society, filling many positions from common laborer to diplomats to wizardly careers. Using their dragon-heritage, many Civil kobold take a liking to magic, perfering the schools of illusion, divination, and conjuration. However, they often have tended to lose their racial intrest in deep places and are no more at home underground than most halflings or humans.
    Civil Kobolds have all but abandoned the worship of Kurtulmak, instead revering their dragon-cousins and in particular the Dragon God-King of Truce: Bahamut, as their spiritual guide.
    Kobold speech often retains the yappy, barky dialect in both Common and Draconic that is shared among savage-kobolds due to a physical speech impediment that is nearly impossible to overcome. They are known to be reduced to barks and yips when frustrated or angered. (much to the amusement of many less than kind companions)
    -4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 charisma
    Size: Small: +1 AC. (Kobolds are the smallest of the Civil races, often standing a head shorter than even gnomes or halflings.) +4 Hide, -4 grappling.
    Base Speed: 30ft
    Low-Light Vision: 60ft
    Racial skills: +2 Craft (choosen craft), +2 Spellcraft, +2 Concentration -4 Diplomacy (against gnomes only, due to racial rivalry),
    Racial Abilities: +1 Natural AC
    Favored Class: Sorcerer OR Wizard

    (Civil Kobold Adventurer)

    Do remember... the more creative the backstory, the more you are likely to get away with.
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    I would love to join : )

    I will contact you with further information and apply for your game on the calandar.

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    Game Calendar

    I knew I was forgetting something...thank you Arzun.
    Tales From the Sword And Quill is now on the game calander and up for discussion as for time... I am hoping to start on October, Sunday the 13th.

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    I'm interested in this as well. so i will be signing up.

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    I am interested and will sign up.

    My bad, My time zone is GMT-6

    I E-mailed Robin about some culture, religion, and history with a preference towards gnomes and dwarves, if anyone else has anything they wish to ask they should do so.
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    Players Accepted.

    Alright. Wow, that was much quicker than I anticipated. Okay... so the player slots are filled and the following are in.

    Azune: Forthcoming
    MrJamela: Magic-type Character
    Lysander: Half-Orc Monk
    VarnFury: Forthcoming
    Uncc235: Forthcoming

    Also, forgot to add, character creation will be Point Buy abilities as per the Dungeons Masters Guide with 30 points.

    Also, if you guys wanna let me know about your scheduals so we can get something set. please put here....also be sure to include your time zones. As I said before, I am Eastern Standard Time (USA). I can play pretty much any time during Sunday.
    Also, if you have any questions about the world's cultures, geography, or religions before game starts...feel free to ask me.

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    As requested

    The World of The Sword and Quill:

    The world of the Sword and Quill, known by it's inhabitants as Ayden, is the home of my personal campaign and as such is an evolving work to be hammered out on the Gaming Table. The divine hierarchy of each area is different, and by crossing the boarders of your God's cultural base home-realm on the material world tends to make the connection to the divine you worship much more tenuous.

    Regions: The world is seperated by cultural boundries and are govern by massively diffirent systems of government and theocratic structures.

    The Waking West: The Focus of the game, and most all of the introductory chapers will take place on the continent known as the 'Waking West'. This is the traditional western fantasy world that is standard in D&D.It's borders are South of the SkyTeeth Mountains, West of The Jagged Wall to the Sarguine Sea, and North of the Nargamusaki (Tiger's Tail River)

    The Shimmering South: A prosperous Oriental Style culture ruled by Shoguns, Dymio's, and Lords. Home of many magical and philosophical advances as well as exotic creatures. It is the smallest of the four regions, made up of a narrow mainland stretching from sea to sea east to west and south from the Nargamusaki, which seperates it from both the savage East and the Waking West; as well as a chain of islands off shore to the south. (This is the assumed home of most Monk and Eastern Philosophy type orders)

    The Savage East: A harsh, barbaric land ruled by the strong. Thought to be the birthplace of the more savage races (orc's Goblins, Kobolds, ect) The creatures of this land are much more dangerous than anywhere else in the known world, although most Dragons tend to make it a point to avoid this place...unless they are on the run. It's borders are South of the Skyteeth, North of the Nargamusaki and east of the Jagged Wall to the Sea of Mists

    The Ice Wastes: A frozen Tundra beyond the SkyTeeth Mountain range..... Mostly unexplored 'erringly' believed to be uninhabited.

    The Lost Land: An Island Continent thought by many to be myth, it was supposedly the birthplace of magic. In the center of it, a massive crater marks the site of the 'First Spell', which supposedly tore the world ashunder when the power of Arcane and Divine collided with the natural world. It's location, if it exists at all, is unknown.


    The Waking West is a broken land of kingdoms and diverse races, each with their own laws, customs, and governmental setups... With various Kings and Leaders vieing for land and power, the political landscape changes constantly. Five regions however stand out from all of the others.

    -The City of Truce: (LG Metropolis ... Also known as the Dragon City, The City of Diplomacy, and the Birthplace of Society) Constructed surrounding a lone mountain in the East-Central portion of the Waking West, Truce is the largest City-State in the world, and it's authority is indisputible. A place of peace, Truce has a history as the site of treaties and beginning's of long standing friendships. Ruled by a council made up of Dragons, Cloud Giants, and the mortal races and reigned over by the Dragon God-King Bahamet. The only real Rival of Truce is Oberon's Domain.

    -Oberon's Domain: (CN Mageocracy.... Also known as the Realm of Mages) A nation that values magical prowess over anything else. Oberon's domain is a cloistured nation, requiring that ANYBODY wishing entrance to either be a magically inclined, or give up an offering for a 'temporary' passport.... a peice of a dragon (bones, skulls, and disembodied claws are prefered). Oberon, the Sorcerer King, is the most powerful magic-user in the world, and several hundred years ago, attempted to forge the West into his own personal Empire. He would have succeeded had it not been for Bahamet and the Forces of Truce. Oberon's hatred of dragons is legendary.... and though he is considered a fair ruler by the mages in his domain, he considers those unable to weild magic 'unfit' of anything but servitude.

    -Tyrancy of Caltus: (NE Monarchy) North of Oberon's domain. Caltus is a repressed nation built on the backs of slaves that undergoes massive upheavals on almost a yearly basis due to assassinations and a bloody battle of wits and politics among the ruling class. The current ruler is the self-proclaimed Tyrant Caruun Nobalisk, who though murder and subterfuge, worked his way up the ranks to the ruling place. This dangerous realm is held together with support from Oberon's Domain in an effort to keep Caltus as a buffer between the numerous hostile nations and the only geological entrace into the Domain, a pass though the magically created mountain wall that cuts the mageocracy off from the rest of the lands

    -Narrun: (CG Marquessdom) Among a sea of feuding kingdoms and lorded lands, a rising star has been seen in David Xanatos... born a peasant, though wit, charm, and sheer will, he has somehow managed to not only overthrow the decadent former rulers of Narrun, but has succeeded in absorbing not one, but three neighboring lands into Narrun's boarders. Many believe that Marquess Xanatos (With Marquess being the highest rank one of ignoble blood can obtain without marrying into landed nobility) is the real deal... a good man with the strength of character to change the world. People are flocking under the banner of Narrun from all over the Waking West. The Common folk love him... while the landed lords and kings of the land fear Xanatos and what he may become.

    All thoughout the west, there are many other interesting lands and individuals in the hands of elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and others. Also scattered though the West are The Freelands, technically not a part of any nation's boarders and are considered by many to be wild frontier lands. Small pockets of civilization in the form of modest towns, towers, and personal keep dot the landscape. The Freelands also act as a buffer between many kingdoms. and act as a tax-and-toll free means of over land transport and Trading trails. The party will begin in these Freelands in the town of Calin, a modest city that acts as a hub in the Freelands, situated on the convergence of three seperate rivers.
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    Gods and Demigods

    Gods of the West:

    Sol: The Sun Lord (LG, Domains: Good Healing, Strength, Sun) A primary human god, Sol has worshippers among almost all civil races. He is the Life-Tender and Gentle flame. Often seen as a regal human with flaming red hair.

    Vayen: The Justice Lord (LN, Domains Destruction, Protection, Law, Strength) The God of Justice and Right-Doing. He believes the good should be rewarded and the wicked punished without mercy. Often seen as various races with golden hair in a full white body-armor

    Wern: The Death Maiden (CN, Death, Chaos, Magic) The God of Passing. She protects the veil between life and death and guards the respected dead. Her great bane is Narve and his Undead. However, Wern is a dangerously unpredictable goddess... for she, like death itself, works without rhyme or reason. Often seen as a raven haired human or Elf in a grey shroud carrying a scyth.

    Kiren: The Prankster (CN, Luck, Chaos, Trickery) The God of Rogues. Kiren is always trying to stay one step ahead of Vayen, who still seeks to judge him for crimes past. He prefers theives and rogues who avoid killing and do what they do for the thrill of it. Often depicted as a halfling in black leather armor.

    Narve: The Lord of Undeath: (NE, Death, Evil, Trickery) The Lord of vampires and those who defy the eternal sleep.. Narve works constantly to undo the veil between life and death and bring the spectral world into the material plane.

    Dyison: The War-King (CE, War, Evil, Death, Chaos) The Master of the Battlefield, Dyison revels in the blood and gore of battle. He is represented by a Blood Red Moon as is often seen as the epitomy of bloody chaos.

    (Also included are Boccob, Larethian, Moradin, Garl Glittergold, and Yondalla as per the Players Handbook)


    Bahamet: The Dragon-God King of Truce. Although Mortal, Bahamet is revered by dragons and kobolds alike as a massia like figure. This supposedly grants him powers greater than any other Wyrm every known.

    Oberon: The Sorcerer King. Oberon is the Master Mage of Ayden. The Guardian of Magic for mortals. As such, he is immortal, immune to aging and disease until another takes his place. In his youth, he was consumed by arrogence and a desire to conqure all of Ayden, but after being humbled in a titanic battle with Bahamut, he has withdrawn to his home, the Grand Spire, and remained reclusive...many believe he is merely biding his time, scemeing and plotting.

    The Nameless Bard: Nobody knows exactly who the Bard is... and he does not have worshippers in the common sense. However, he seems to be almost all knowing and powerful in a sense. One thing is certain, nobody has ever been known to challenge him and aside from collecting Stories in his home at the Sword and Quill, he does not seem to intervene in the affairs of mortals.

    (This is by no means a comprehensive list of the dieties and powers, only the most prevelant greater beings. There are many quasi-powers and Cult Figures who also share a good deal of power.)
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