Hey everyone,

I want to share the list of damage types for the DCC ruleset. These are important for immunity, resistance, and vulnerability effects. The DCC rulebook does not contain an official list (see Appendix R) but makes several references to them. Other than defining them for the ruleset, I mostly have left damage types for GMs to apply as they see fit. Some of the more obvious spells have them, but you can modify or remove them if they don't suit your game. Here is the list:

Energy Weapon Ability Alignment Special
acid adamantine strength chaotic nonlethal
cold bludgeoning agility lawful
electricity magic stamina
fire mithril personality
force piercing intelligence
gas silver luck
heat slashing

I tried to keep the list as concise as possible, but I included a few energy types that are very similar. For whatever reason, the rulebook appears to treat these as distinctly different damage types:

Damage Type Description
fire flames
heat high temperatures not involving flames
gas toxic clouds
poison venom and other liquids

This thread is intended as a reference, but feel free to share your insights on damage types in DCC RPG.