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    FG Unity - Beta Release v4.1.17

    FG Unity v4.1.17 is now in beta testing.

    As always, we're a small company so we rely on our community to help sound out each new release. Thanks in advance to all those who pitch in.

    Only the Test mode slot contains this version. Test Mode can be accessed by selecting the Settings button from the Fantasy Grounds launch screen, changing the mode setting in the Settings dialog, and then selecting Update button to update the files to the test version. I will update this thread as I release new iterations of the test version.

    When using the Test channel in FGU Settings, your data files for the Test version will be stored in a separate subfolder under the main FG data folder called "channels\Test\". This will not impact any campaigns in the Live mode (until full release occurs).

    Key Things
    1) Always backup your campaign data before running the test version.
    2) If the GM is running on test then all of the players will also be running on test.
    3) If you encounter an issues log them in the relevant testing thread - don't use the generic House of Healing, but use this forum.


    NOTE: Please do not use the beta build for your Live games if you and your group are not comfortable with testing pre-release software, and any interruptions that may occur due to using pre-release software.

    NOTE: Please do not use the beta build for developing DLC for store or forge submission, as the data file formats may have changed and may change during the beta still.

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    Consolidated Update Notes
    • Some NPCs changing to letter tokens when added to combat tracker. Fixed.
    • Some images with LoS data created during beta did not load correctly. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Interface.isToken always returning false when module wildcard used. Fixed.
    • [DEV] imagecontrol.onMeasurePointer being called too many times when hovering over token with targets. Fixed.
    • [DEV] When numbercontrol.delaykeyupdate and numbercontrol.min/max tags used together, the control would not always update correctly when focus lost. Fixed.
    • [DEV] numbercontrol.getMaxValue was incorrectly returning the minimum value. Fixed.
    • [DEV] DB - Added isEmpty function
    • [DEV] databasenode - Added isEmpty function
    • [DEV] windowcontrol - Added isEmpty function
    • [DEV] windowlist - Removed skipempty/createonempty tags (implement in onInit, if needed)
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