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    LFG for eastern time zone! central is cool too not 4 hours off

    I am new to FGU but have exp playing D&D have PHB and DM guide, I can't believe how hard it is to find a damn game around here in eastern America. Any sources to find a group to start playing would be great and no this forum or discord isn't working for me to find a group. so I'm kind of hoping this isn't some forgotten software that no one uses anymore. or if its just paid groups hey cool but some info about this desert would be great

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    Greetings, Chrimble! What part of Ohio are you located? Mid-state here. Yes it can be frustrating finding a game, a game that lasts more than a couple of sessions or a group that you click with. But keep trying. As a DM, I have noted that it is either DM (game) heavy or player heavy on here and can be hard to start a game or find a game. But it does happen. I have a game on Tuesday nights 7-10pm EDT. It is 5E, 1st Level. Just started a short adventure to teach 5E and FGU as well as build a group of players. So far so good. I have one person that has played two weeks in a row, one person that just joined and one person who hopes to join next week - so three. You could be a fourth if interested. Respond here or PM me with questions. Please note that we will NOT be playing this week unfortunately (the DMs fault).

    Note: I have three potential players out of a total of seven people that showed interest over four weeks of trying on here. Whether it is life or work or just trying to find the right fit (group, time zone, game, rules set) it takes time for players to find a game I think. And each person should find that joyful gaming experience they are looking for along with the excitement and fun that keeps us coming back for more. Good luck in your quest adventurer!


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