Hello our Thursday group is looking for 1 or maybe 2 players (currently 3) to join us in Candle Keep Mysteries DnD 5e

Our DM charges Monthly $40 (on Patreon) for a weekly session.

Game starts at Noon Est and runs for 4 hours.

DM is A+. 40 years experience, very patient, extremely competent with the FG system. Has all the modules. Always on time and never cancels.

Our group will max out a 5 as we like to give everyone a chance to shine. If you have not played Candle Keep, its a set of self contained adventures where you level up after each one. you are allowed to changed characters as much as you want or keep the same character the entire way through. One of my favorite modules.

DM me if you would like more information. There may be other openings in other games that come up.