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    Lighting without Line-of-Sight: Player view doesn't update until token clicked

    Noticed that if Lighting is enabled and Line-of-Sight is disabled (which is probably an unlikely use case), if the GM moves the player token then the player view will not update lighting until the player clicks the token again (even if it was already selected). Wasn't sure if this was expected behavior so I figured I'd report it, but it probably wouldn't come up in actual game play since Lighting is usually enabled with Line-of-Sight.

    Another observation is that with Line-of-Sight disabled, Lighting still respects Line-of-Sight walls - though I'm assuming this is the expected behavior.

    Warning: Tomb of Annihilation spoilers in screenshots.

    To re-create in a new 5E campaign, no extensions:
    1. GM: Create a PC with Darkvision 120 in senses
    2. GM: Open map Gears of Hate from Tomb of Annihilation module. Disable Line-of-Sight. Add token to map here: Setup.JPG
    3. Player: Join game, take ownership of character
    4. GM: Share the map. Player view on the right in Setup.JPG
    5. GM: Move player token: Moved.JPG
    6. Player: View doesn't update until clicking the token (selecting the token). If the player had already selected the token before the GM moves it, the player view doesn't update until the player clicks the token again.
    7. GM: Delete the token. The player view remains unchanged: TokenDeleted.JPG

    FGU v4.1.16
    5E v2022-03-15
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