(c) (copywrites include most of the names, thier in my books.)In the town square the typical day is bombarded by a rather large group of wonderers in all sorts of varried shapes and sizes. The most obvious is a man Huge man (about 7') dressed in bright yellow platemail...covered in smilie stickers?...ok...bright blonde hair and (SirLaughOLot) full blonde beard and tanned skin...looks like a wanna be Grizly Adams...3 swords stapped to his back 2 bastard swords and a claymore...also yellowed and...covered in smilie stickers...uhg...he is a jolly happy soul walking backwards leading and cheering on the distracted party. Following close is an elven (Ros MageForge, of MF Inc. (R)TM )sage in green druid/cleric/mage like garb with a tool belt and staff who looks rather meloncolie. A bard (Gold Toe The Bard)adverage tanned human with dirty blonde hair chats with a semi-sullen cleric also with dirty blonde hair cut short, (SirLOL) wearing blue robes...Then there are other members who are quite odd, a greyed out gnome called Silver Fox The XI'th, another 1..2...3,4,5 other elves, 4 other gnomes, 3 halflings, 2 dwarves, a couple of lizardoid creatures,...this creature and then that one...and and...wow...what is this a tourist trip?