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    Menu icon appearing different at different menu level

    I have the following menu items registered:

        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_adddefense"), "radial_shield", 3);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addattack"), "radial_sword", 4);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addspell"), "radial_spell", 5);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addaction"), "pointer", 7);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addattackaction"), "radial_sword", 7, 3);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addhealaction"), "radial_heal", 7, 4);
        registerMenuItem(Interface.getString("menu_addeffectaction"), "radial_effect", 7, 5);
    When I select menu item 7, the radial_sword icon in the submenu looks different than the one at the top level:


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    Slot 7 is already used for a built in menu option for export support in windowclass; so you’re probably getting conflict with that.


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    My first screenshot shows the export menu item in slot 8, or are you talking about something else?

    EDIT: Moving that menu option to slot 3 did indeed fix the issue.

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