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    Classic Fantasy - Lost Mine of Phandelver


    Hi there, I am looking for 3/4 players for a Lost Mine of Phandelver Campaign using the Classic Fantasy rules.

    FG Licence: Ultimate, so only the free package is required to play.
    Time Zone: UK Time
    Day of the Week: Weekly Friday nights 19:00-22:00 UK time.
    Term: Full Campaign, with the possibility of moving on to another campaign.
    Voice: Discord
    Sound: Syrinscape, only a free account is required.

    Game System: Classic Fantasy/Mythras

    Mythras is the acclaimed d100 roleplaying system from The Design Mechanism. In Mythras your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background, comrades, skills, magic and cults.
    Classic Fantasy adapts the Mythras rules to old school dungeoneering, featuring adventuring classes, ranks of progression, and magic familiar to players and Games Masters. So whether you want to play a Fighter or a Magic User, a Barbarian or a Paladin, A Half Elf or Half Orc, Classic Fantasy is the game for you.

    Experience: I have been playing TTRPGs since the late 80s, and I have been playing Mythras for about 3 years on the Fantasy Grounds platform. I currently have 2 games ongoing using the standard Mythras rules.

    About the Game: I prefer action gaming. Which can involve combat, mystery and puzzles. Roleplaying I prefer to leave to the players, but will engage in it. If you are looking for an RP heavy game, then I am not the GM for you. Normally I like a sandbox game with direction for the players when wanted. However, when running modules, the games do tend to run more on rails. So, if you are looking to explore the wilds of the Sword Coast at your pleasure, then
    this is likely not the game for you. Classic Fantasy though a d100 game, borrows heavily from the AD&D traditions. So classic races and classes are expected. So, sorry to those newer players who like high fantasy races, a multitude of human subtypes, and multiple class combos. They are all outside my realm of experience.

    Table Rules: I am happy to have new and experienced players alike, however, as an adult, I like to have adults at my table who are happy to discuss mature subjects, in a mature manner, but with the good sense to understand the rules of decorum. I expect team play, with the aim for a common goal and "greater good".

    I plan on running a session zero where the players can come together and discuss what class roles they would like to full-fill, to get to know each other a little, and to ask me any questions. I will also provide material to help create your character before this session so that you will have an understanding of the game system.

    I understand that many players will have played through the Lost Mine of Phandelver in the past, so I will be relying on players own good will and desire to experience the game a little differently from 5e.

    If you are interested, then please DM me or reply in the thread. You can also hit me up directly if there are any questions you would like to ask.

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