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    Players seeing black on some Dead Suns maps

    After I open some of my Player Maps for Dead Duns Part 1 and share them w/ my players, they only see black (w/ the grid). I see the map just fine. We also noticed that the players looking at the file in Images, those maps are listed but are not labeled as associated w/ Dead Suns Part 1 but my images list shows the association w/ Dead Suns part 1.

    The maps that are working properly for the players, they are showing those maps as associated with Dead Suns Part 1.

    I can’t understand why that associated name would have disappeared for them causing them to have a black

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    Welcome to FGU.

    Players don't see groups. What you are seeing is images in a group Called Dead Duns Part 1; but when you share the image with the players all they get is the image name - they don't get the group.

    In order for players to see on a map which has line of sight on it, the player token must have been placed on the map by dragging from the Combat Tracker and the character must have an active light source or some special vision type such as darkvision.
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    Thank you. Your info helped. Figured out how lighting on the tokens. Now working on ambient lighting, so far, when I try to get it, it creates a new item but it’s not on that map. Found a couple of demos that I’ll check later and see if that helps me figure it out.

    I would have thought the official docking bay 94 map would have already put in ambient lighting since the AP says it’s brightly lit.
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