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    Centering View on Player's Character Token

    Players had an encounter that took place in a building with multiple floors. Used a large map with each floor spread out like separate rooms and using shift+click and drag to reposition the character as they changed floors. However, on the players side, their view didn't track the change in location of their character token, and they had to search the map from them.

    What I am trying to figure out is how my players can re-center their view to zoom in on their character token so that they don't have to zoom out and look from them manually.

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    There is an option, Auto Center on Turn Start. Never tried to use it as a player, but often use it as a GM. I also believe there are some extensions that ave ways to do this, but not sure as I don't use any for that.

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    I’m not sure if this varies by ruleset, but in PF1 at least, if the player double-clicks on their token image on their character sheet it will open the map they are on and center on their token. I’ve not explicitly tried that if they map is already open, but I’d guess that it would still center it for them.

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