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    Adding a "not carried" weapon, can never be carried or equipped


    I feel like I must be missing something obvious here. On the "Actions" tab of the character sheet for PFRPG 1E, if I add a weapon by clicking on the "Add weapon" button on the bottom of the sheet, or right-click and choose "Add weapon" and then I toggle the carried, equipped, not carried indicator (bag, shirt, empty-circle icon) to the "not carried" state and reload the campaign, the indicator for "carried, equipped, not carried" is no longer visible for this weapon. Essentially, I can never make it part of my character inventory. It is only an action.

    Is this behavior by design?

    Here is a screenshot showing what I mean. The weapon "1TestWeapon" was added prior to a campaign save/reload. It can no longer be equipped or carried. The "2TestWeapon" I just added and it has the toggle for changing the carried/equipped state.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 8.56.12 PM.png

    Thank you for any clarification.

    EDIT: It appears that no toggling of the "carried/equipped/not carried" state is necessary. It happens with any saved weapon on the Action tab.

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    To follow up, after fiddling with this some more and looking at the XML code generated, it appears this is probably by design, although a bit confusing. Since weapons on the Action tab are potentially tied to items in the Inventory tab, it makes more sense to toggle their carried/equipped state on the Inventory tab. If a weapon in the Action tab doesn't correspond to anything in the inventory, still presenting the toggle button to make it carried or equipped might not make much sense, I suppose.

    In the future, I'll make sure I add any manually created weapons to the inventory if they represent items that would need to be toggled between "carried/equipped/not carried".


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