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    Currency Bug report 5E (core RPG)

    Currency fields are not populating in client mode unless the GM first opens a charactersheet.

    1. Load an existing game as Host lan mode. Once the table is up do not take any action as HOST
    2. Connect in using localhost.
    3. Create a new Character. as client.
    4. Click Inventory tab. You will see that the treasure fields for currency do not populate.
    5. Open the same charactersheet on Host side. You will see they now populate.

    Any other characters created by Client now populate properly. I noticed this in my own ruleset based off of Core RPG so I wanted to check 5e to see if it was my issue. Likely this affects all core RPG based rulesets.

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    Thanks for reporting. I'll take a look.


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    This should be fixed with the ruleset updates I pushed tonight.


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