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    Forge sale ended premature

    I had a sale for my insta-dice but it ended early without me clicking End Sale.

    Any way of checking why? Also, the update total just throws error without update.

    Insta-Dice 28 2022-03-13 13:00:00 2022-03-20 13:00:00 2022-03-13 11:23:39


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    Hey jharp, looking at it your item is still for sale as expected:Capture.PNG

    If you are seeing otherwise, please send me a screenshot here or over pm or email at [email protected]

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    Yeah it seems fine now. It shows the "End" button again.

    I wonder what caused the blip. Thanks for looking.


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    Found the issue again. It seems to be a Safari issue. Chrome on my PC sees the sale. Safari on my Intel mac sees no sale.


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    I would make sure to reset the browser cache for Safari if you are only seeing it there. Browsers are notorious for showing old data. You encounter it quite a bit when testing websites.
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    No joy on cache clear helping.


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    Weird, I don't currently have Safari, but I'll give it a test on Monday when I am back in the office.

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    No problem. Likely just one of those pesky differences in browsers.


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