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    Looking for a FGU adventure that has a mind flayer

    Anyone point me in the right direction - there seems to be one for FG on the store, but I'm not sure if it's Unity compatible?
    Ideally, I'd like one aimed at 4-7 level players and a Mind Flayer central to the plot.


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    If I am not mistaken, everything in the store is FG Unity compatible. However, not is compatible with FG Classic.

    The adventure you reference is compatible with both. You can tell by the icons on that page.
    LOS denotes Line of site has been setup
    FGC denotes compatible with Classic
    FGU denotes compatible with FGU
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    The one you linked is FGU compatible as mhosson says.
    Dragon Heist has a Mind Flayer as the assistant to Xanathar. Not central to the plot.
    DoMM has a level with a mind flayer lair, level 17 if I remember right. But that is not for the levels you are looking for.

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    Check out Call From the Deep. It centers around Mind Flayers.

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    Wow, pretty pricey, but thanks guys. I'll get my players to chip in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dire Weasel View Post
    Check out Call From the Deep. It centers around Mind Flayers.
    I can second this. We played through it and it is a fantastic adventure.
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