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Thread: Layers Palette?

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    Layers Palette?

    I have a suggestion for the developers of Fantasy grounds.

    I was just tinkering around with some graphics in Photoshop - as you do when your day job is a graphic designer - and a little light bulb went off in my head...

    "How cool would it be to have a layers palette as a Game master, just like my Layers palette in Photoshop!"

    That way I could put some certain tokens on one layer and hide it, or show it, and I could put other tokens on another layer (like tree tops or the roofs of buildings over the inside map of a building) and hide or show them when needed. Have layers that players could effect and layers that players could not effect, use a layer for effects, another for monsters, etc...

    I'm pretty certain this idea has been raised before - but I'd like to see what the Fantasy Grounds developers themselves think about it?
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    This is a great idea. We could use such a feature to create room tile tokens tht could be placed on one layer and locked by the GM and the players could place their tokens on a Player layer with creatures being placed on a third by the GM.

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    This is an awesome idea, and one that I have been really hoping they'd implement. You could make reusable, generic maps, then use tokens to place objects to make a given area unique.

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