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    Cutting Words

    Hello all.

    My friends and I recently started playing "Curse of Strahd" in FGU, and I recently achieved 3rd level, at which point my character gains access to the Cutting Words ability, which is essentially a use of Bardic Inspiration that can be used against enemies to detract from their attack/saving/etc. throws. It's obvious enough how one is intended to use the Bardic Inspiration ability, but it's not at all obvious how one is supposed to use Cutting Words. Does anybody know? It can be used as a reaction, so I'm also not sure how I'd go about using it like that since the generic Bardic Inspiration is not used as a reaction. Is it as simple as using Bardic Inspiration with an enemy as your target?
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    So, the combat tracker does not prevent a player from taking a turn out of order and there is a check box to indicate when a reaction is taken (remember 1/round). I'm not sure you can write an effect to allow for the die subtraction, so the bard would have to roll before damage (if it was an attack) and then the DM should not apply damage for a miss, or after damage and have the DM manually correct. Most skill checks are already manual. So really the bard needs to have an available reaction and declare that they are using the feature.

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