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    Editing Rulesystem - Renaming Senses on 3.5 ruleset

    Hey all!

    So I wrote the Sagaborn system. It is based on the 3.5 system. So I edited the 3.5 system a long time ago to run SagaBorn and it was all working great. So the latest patch broke it (getactor issues) and I decided to start over, editing the 3.5 system back to SagaBorn. It has been 4 years since I first did the conversion.

    Right now it is killing me because I cant figure out how to rename the "Senses" section of the Main Character sheet. I thought it would be changed in strings_35e.xml , but when I rename senses it doesn't change it in FG.

    Any help?

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    Don't change the name of the field in the database; as this is used as the default field for pulling vision information.

    The Senses label is defined in the CoreRPG ruleset (char_label_senses).


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    Quote Originally Posted by jharp View Post
    I've seen more shameless plugs, and ones that are way less appropriate - Ma's Inspector is really useful for finding these exact things to modify.
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    You don't need to edit the 3.5E.pak to do what you're asking for.
    You can create your Sagaborn ruleset on top of it (like PFRPG) and just make the changes that you care about. That way you can benefit from updates to 3.5E without redoing it each time.

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