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    (PAID)(Alien the Roleplaying Game)(Destroyer of Worlds)(Wednesdays)

    Iam Doom Hippy i have been running games for 15 years on FG for 3 years

    As a Dm i find my strengths are in keeping a open world running Npc interactions need
    to feel Real and have impact on the game i would say my games heavy roleplay and tactical battle

    (Main Forum Post)

    https://discord.gg/W5GfZyuXxE drop on for a chat !!!

    (Session Day and Time)

    (Wednesdays )

    (10.00pm UK )
    ( 6 pm Est)

    (2 spaces)

    (campaign) (Alien the Roleplaying Game) (new campaign )

    Destroyer of Worlds

    The mission was a manhunt, the objectives clear--track down four fugitives, recover any assets they may have made off with,
    and keep 'em all out of enemy hands. Go find them on a frozen moon full of hostiles and get it done on the eve of war.

    Nothing you couldn't handle.

    But what it is that these bastards stole--and how the hell it got inside them--is another thing altogether. It's all above your paygrade, marine--but somehow you're the one who's got to deal with it.

    Of course, now there's an invasion fleet incoming, and there's something else, too--something much worse. Something out there hates you--hates everyone. Something big and ugly.
    Something with metal teeth--and you're pretty sure it ain't alone.

    Yeah, the mission was supposed to be a simple manhunt. Instead it turned out to be just another glorious day in the corps.

    By PayPal
    10.00 a session I ask players to book 4 Sessions in advance

    4 sessions 40==$53.70

    I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

    12 sessions 100= $130.99

    24 sessions 180=$232.40

    Thx for looking Doomhippy !!
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    bump first session tonight !!!

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