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Thread: LFG D&D 5e

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    LFG D&D 5e

    Started playing D&D when 5e was released - have only played on FG. I'm a dedicated player and looking to join regular game. I like RP a lot and of course a good group of players who like to have fun. I prefer caster/druid types - enjoy the pure fantasy of those characters. I'm EST and can do weeknights or afternoons and nights over the weekend. Roll for initiative!

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    Hello: I am starting up a new GREYHAWK Campaign using the classic 2e/1e system, if you don't mind an older system. The party is assembling, with an elf and a 1/2 elf...druids would be welcome. We play Saturdays, 8pm EST, bi weekly. Game will start this saturday 19th. I plan to DM with the PCs creating the storyline rather than long boring modules. There will be minimal railroading hopefully. FG UNITY, DISCORD...if interested contact DISCORD AndyPete #6691.

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    Hey Klaatu,

    We are running the Curse of Strahd Saturday night from 6pm PST to 10pm PST. We run FGU 5e and ended up losing a player so Im looking to add some fresh blood to the table. Hoping for a dedicated player who can make it every week. This is our 3rd campaign together and I would like to keep them going. We are all long time players, mechanically sound, and love some good RP. We use Google Meet/Hangouts for our chat. If youre interested in joining us or have any questions please email me at [email protected]


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