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    SFS/PFS2 interest check Crittercon April 29th to May 1st (PFS2/SFS #3-99 and others)

    As con season is drawing closer, please let me know if there is any interest A. in either SFS and PFS2 games generally (please indicate which system and which level range) , B. in the PFS2 #3-99 special specifically or C. in the SFS #3-99 special specifically (in case of B. or C., please also indicate tiers you have characters in).


    FRIDAY, April 29
    SLOT A - 10am - 4pm (GMT-4) // 2pm - 8pm (GMT+0)
    SLOT B - PFS2 3-99 SPECIAL - 4pm - 10pm (GMT-4) // 8pm - 2am (GMT+0)
    SLOT C - 10pm - 4am (GMT-4) // 2am - 8am (GMT+0)

    SLOT D - 4am - 10am (GMT-4) // 8am - 2pm (GMT+0)
    SLOT E - 10am - 4pm (GMT-4) // 2pm - 8pm (GMT+0)
    SLOT F - SFS 3-99 SPECIAL - 4pm - 10pm (GMT-4) // 8pm - 2am (GMT+0)
    SLOT G - 10pm - 4am (GMT-4) // 2am - 8am (GMT+0)

    SLOT H - 4am - 10am (GMT-4) // 8am - 2pm (GMT+0)
    SLOT I - 10am - 4pm (GMT-4) // 2pm - 8pm (GMT+0)
    SLOT J - 4pm - 10pm (GMT-4) // 8pm - 2am (GMT+0)
    SLOT K - 10pm - 4am (GMT-4) // 2am - 8am (GMT+0)

    During slot B sessions will be limited to the PFS2 special OR sessions from another game system (not PFS2)

    During slot F sessions will be limited to the SFS special OR sessions from another game system (not SFS)

    Slots C, G and K are unlikely to be feasible for me.

    It would be best to have a decision until the end of this month.

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    Special slot F works for sure. I would need to use PTO to play B; which I’m not against just need to know for sure. I’m up for w/e SFS fillers you plan on running in the other slots too.
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    I probably won't be able to play the specials, because I already played them at both level ranges. I suppose I can do the Saturday and Sunday slots, interested in both PFS2 and SFS (in case of non-repeatables, SFS has the higher chance of me being able to play due to replays).
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    As we are nearing Crittercon, if there is any other interest in the specials (or other scenarios) and what tiers would people be interested in? Tiers are generally 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, & 7-8, though for the specials, 1-4 and 5-8 count as one scenario - so without replays you can play once in 1-4 and once in 5-8.

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