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    Update 4.1.4 - /roll commands Not working

    SWADE has some special rolls


    If I type /roll fear it should make a Spirit roll to resist fear, etc., and these now respond with


    During Test, there was a bug with /whispers that added an extra message after the whisper outcome, so maybe that is related to this.

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    I think this is connected with the fix to whispers in Test but I can't find the post.

    When you whispered the Savage Worlds specific whispers message would display come up like it does when you type an incorrect command, after the whisper.

    So you would have something like:

    /w GM YBAS


    then stuff about Savage Worlds whispers

    Now those Savage Worlds whispers don't work (and they are part of the ruleset functionality, not just pretties).

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    No, it was something else where I had integrated SW code with CoreRPG, but that particular slash command has a version built into FGU client already. So, it needed a little adjustment. It will be in the next SW ruleset update.


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