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    Fantasy grounds not adding spells correctly

    Hi, when I add certain spell casters to combat tracker I get error message

    2022-03-06 (1).png2022-03-06 (1).png2022-03-06 (1).png

    And the some of the spells to not come up properly in thecombat tracker


    Please can Someone help fix this.


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    It's most likely an extension, the majority of the time when you get script errors, it's almost always an extension that did not get updated to be compatible with the most recent release.

    The best option is to turn off all your extensions and see if you can replicate the error. Then add them one at a time to determine which one it is.

    From your screen shot, you might look for an Extension that has OSE in it (or is abbreviated that way), most of your errors seem to be related to that.

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    OSE is Ongoing Save Effects. This extension has not been updated since Aug 2020 and may not work correctly as of the 2022-03 update (if not earlier than that).
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