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    Can't scale tokens

    I have the current version of Fantasy Grounds (DM version) and in the combat tracker, when I assign tokens, I can't seem to scale them. I have followed the instructions (hover over the token, spin the mouse wheel and see the increments appear in a bubble).

    Everything else works fine except this. I can size maps using the mouse wheel so I don't think it is a mouse issue. I am still on Windows XP (latest patches) so it isn't a Vista issue.

    I can assign tokens. When I hover over the token, I get no increment bubble and absolutely nothing happens when I spin the mouse wheel.

    Any ideas?


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    Does holding shift alt or ctrl have any effect? - one of those keys should change it to integer increments (1,2,3) but if you don;t get fractional increments then this probably wouldn't work.

    Have you dragged the token from the combat tracker onto a map before trying to scale it on the combat tracker? (not sure if that matters...)
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    Do you have the grid up on the map? I think you need it for scaling to work.


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    Thanks. That was the exact problem - I was not using the grid because the maps I am using already have a grid on them as part of the image.

    When I overlayed the program grid overtop of my map grid (not a perfect matchup but it worked), I can now size tokens.

    Thanks for the tip.



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    I have the GM version as well and none of these tricks work for me, I get no bubble when hovering over the tokens, and the mouse wheel just rotates them.

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    You have to have the token linked on the combat tracker, and then you hover over the token in the tracker and use the mouse wheel there.

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    Hmmm, I got that to work for 3.5, but it will not work with the Savage Worlds ruleset.

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    Seem to work for me. Make sure you drag the token from the combat tracker onto a map with a grid on it and then try to size it.

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    ok works, thanks, that is truly a pain.

    I wonder why the mouse wheel rotates instead of scales the icon, when there are icons in the radial menu for rotating but not scaling.


    I found the "function onWheel(notches)" section in the combattracker_token.lua file, and was hoping I could somehow edit out the section that rotates the icon with the mousewheel in whatever file that handles the images section/display, but I can't seem to find it. Is it part of the main program?
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    I have the same problem with the C&C ruleset. Can't seem to scale tokens. I have followed the directions listed in this thread (place token in combat tracker, place on mad with grid). Using the mouse wheel only rotates the token. I get nothing visible for scaling it. Any help is appreciated.

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