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    Map pins can open multiple copies of the same story window

    I noticed that when opening a story via a map pin link, each time the map pin is clicked it will open a new instance of the story window (resulting in duplicate windows open). I might be misremembering this, but I thought previously it would only open a new instance of the story window if it was not already open. Is this new behavior?

    For example, on the Tomb of Annihilation Map "Player Map - Camp Righteous", if you click the pin for "1. Command Tents" multiple times, it will open up multiple instances of the "02.10.01 1. Command Tents" story entry.

    Inside of a story entry, clicking a link to another story entry multiple times will open only one instance of that story. For example, the Tomb of Annihilation story entry "02.10.00 Camp Righteous" has a link for "Command Tents". If you click it multiple times it will only open the story window for "02.10.01 1. Command Tents" one time, with subsequent clicks bringing the existing window in focus.

    Interestingly, if multiple copies are opened via a map pin, a story link to the same entry will cycle through open instances of that window. For example:
    1. Open Player Map - Camp Righteous and click the pin for "1. Command Tents" 5 times to open 5 windows of it, move them around so you can see all windows but so they overlay each other slightly (so you can tell which window is on top).
    2. Open Story 02.10.00 Camp Righteous. Click the link to Command Tents multiple times, it will focus each of the open windows in sequence.
    3. From the open Story 02.10.00 Camp Righteous window, hit the Forward arrow at the bottom to change to the 02.10.01 1. Command Tents entry. One instance of the "02.10.01 1. Command Tents" window will close. If you hit forward/back again, each time it will close one of the open "02.10.01 1. Command Tents" windows.

    FGU v4.1.14
    5E v2022-03-01

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    I can replicate. Like you I don't think that's working as expected.
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    Thanks guys. It has to do with wildcard module links, and requires a client patch that I'll be working on.


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